Science 10

Project 2: Unit 1 Final Project

Usually as a wrap-up project for Unit 1 – Sustaining Earth’s Ecosystems I have students do one of the projects listed on pg. 152-153. However, this semester a significant ecological disaster has occurred with the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and for this project I would like you to analyze the spill and relate it to the unit we have just finished. This project will take the place of a unit test and it should serve as an excellent and relevant review and application of the ideas covered in Unit 1.


This project could be exhaustive. The idea is you are to use the table of contents as a starting point (pg. iv-v) and try to incorporate the ideas in each section (1.1, 1.2, 2.1, … 3.3) into your project. You will need to write you ideas down, use diagrams and possibly limited use of video on your wiki space page. As an extension some students may want to address some of the chemistry and weather systems in the effected area.

Some vocabulary and ideas to consider:

Abiotic, biotic, bioaccumulation, biodegradation, bioremediation, biome, carbon cycle, climax community, commensalism, decomposers, ecosystem, food chains, food pyramids, food webs, keystone species, mutualism, natural selection, nutrients, parasitism, pH, photosynthesis, predation, proliferation, symbiosis, trophic levels

abiotic and biotic elements in ecosystems
cycling of carbon
effects of altering an abiotic factor
species adaptation
food webs and pyramids
mechanisms and possible impacts of bioaccumulation
impact of natural phenomena, foreign species, disease, pollution, habitat destruction, and exploitation of resources on ecosystems


Must use three different sources and remember to use the correct formatting of your bibliography as outlined in your agenda.


Material (as per marking key) / 16
Bibliography (minimum 3 sources) / 6
Technologically fluent and wiki-design / 5
Reflect and comment on the use of wikispace as a method of presenting your work / 3

TOTAL /30 X2 = /60 MARKS
DUE: June 8th

Project 1:

Welcome to my second Wiki

The object of this wiki is to provide students with a new medium in which to present your work and respond to your classmates in a meaningful manner. This wiki like my first centered around global warming. Click on the link to access wiki 1.0.

As for wiki 2.0 your first assignment is outlined below.

UNIT PROJECT – Climate Change: Where Do We Go from Here?
Project : Individual – pg. 543
Resources: -- look specifically at Unit 4 – chapter 11 references
What to do:
1. Read and select one of topics 1-3 on page 543. If you do not like one of the topics you can select from the following:
TOPIC 4: Describe how natural phenomena can affect climate (eg. Biosphere processes, volcanic eruptions, Coriolis effect, El Nino and La Nina)
TOPIC 5: Describe how climate can be influenced by human activities (eg. Greenhouse gasses, depletion of ozone layer)
TOPIC 6: Describe how climate change affects natural systems (eg. Shrinking of the permafrost region, melting of ice shelves/caps/glaciers)

2. Join 2010qe-Science 10 wiki and create your own page.

3. Research your topic and present your information on your wiki page you have created. You can incorporate images or video if it enhances your understanding of the topic. The length of your project should not be longer than one page. Remember to include a bibliography of all sources at the bottom of your page.
4. Once you have finished creating your page you need to view at least three other pages and comment on their page or topic preferably.

Wiki account and page: / 5
Material (topic addressed, correct information and information conveyed well) / 10
Bibliography (minimum 3 sources) / 6
Technologically fluent and wiki-design / 4
Commented on three other Science 10 wikispace pages / 6

TOTAL / 31

Due: April 28

Possible research links: