The Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill

A brief explanation as to how the oil spill occurred :

An explosion of a yet unknown origin caused the collapse of the drilling rig, breaking the piping that connected the drill to the well, 5000 ft below sea level. After this occurrence happened oil spilled into the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico.The officials were immediately notified of this incident but by the time they reached the waters the damage had been done.

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The Gulf of is the ninth largest body of water in the world.It is largely surrounded by the North American continent and the island of Cuba.By having the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico it's very dangerous since it will obviously affect abiotic and biotic components such as rain forests,water,rainfall temperatures,hot weather,etc. The said thing is that being a ocean,there's going to be many biotic and abiotic will be affected and some may even die since they're bodies are not used to the oil. gulf_of_mexico.jpg

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The languid ecosystems of all the surrounding countries surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico are in deep trouble regarding the oil spill.The oil should be cleaned up as quick as possible because if not then such things as rocks,plan species,beaches,trees,sea creatures,fishes, and etc will have a incredible downfall of their species.There's also a chance that some species might even go to the borderline of extinct and we certainly don't want that to happen! The bio-accumulation could end up spreading out farther and could devastate more species.


Since the occurrence of the oil spill biodegration could be a future problem if this issue involving the oil spill does not get resolved quickly.Many species may not be able to reproduce again from the amount of oil that may have entered their bodies and harmed their bodies and if this happens the species could end up going extinct.Imagine a certain type of shrimp that sells greatly in the fish market and which can only be found in the Gulf of Mexico goes extinct? Now that's something we defiantly do not want happening.Unfortunately not only will the the species in the water be affected but also such things as the carbon cycle,food webs and pyramids.The carbon cycle is cycled through many living and decaying organisms.However ,due to the oil spill it will cause a huge dent in the cycle since it the process of the carbon cycle can't be carried out as properly because of the damage done to the organism.Now on to the next subject of the food webs.The food webs could and probably already have been really affected by the oil spill.If even one species on the web starts diasapearing then the whole web will be affected.Also since there is such a greatly amount of oil in the water and some of which is moving on to the land both terrestrial and aquatic organisms are at risk. 1.gif


The oil spill may end up getting all cleaned up but who knows how long that will take? The impact of this natural phenomena will not only leave some short term but also long term affects on the ocean and the species that live in the ocean.Many species have been very affected by this spill and many have possibly even died.This will also affect the fishermen since they wont be able to fish anywhere near the Gulf of Mexico because of the dangers from the chemicals.The United States is already going through a tough patch with the recession and now add on to the fact that the fishermen wont be able to fish anymore?This is devastating.Things such as photosynthesis will also be affected since the oil will be blocking out the sun.From the oil spill many diseases could end up forming and not only amongst the species in the water but also the diseases could carry on to inland and spread amongst us humans.Also from the pollution caused by this oil spill there will be defiantly be habitat destruction.Its bad enough that the species in the water and also other species such as birds were affected but now they're homes are also affected and in some cases destroyed all together.Species such as foreign species may start to enter the Gulf of Mexico too.What if the smell the oil and think it smells good and decide to enter the water.I know it may sound ridiculous and impossible but then again people probably thought that a spill the size of which happened in the Gulf of Mexico was impossible but it ended up happening.Nothing is impossible.

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What Changes Can Society Make In Order To Deal With The Problems Associated With Climate Change?

1) What lifestyle changes can individuals make to minimize damage to the environment?

We can help stop damage to the environment by doing many things. These things can be little things such as turning off lights at home, changing the way we wash dishes by hand, reducing the amount of "disposable" products used, taking quick showers instead of baths, and turning down the AC or heater when not needed.Also, buying Organic foods is also very helpful for the environment.You should also put into affect the " reduce, reuse, recycle"method of recycling.It's a great way to help save money and help save the planet! It may be more expensive, but it's worth it.

2) How do social values affect the lifestyle changes that people might be willing to make?

Many people in the world know acknowledge the fact that global warming is come into effect and what it is, and are very concerned about it but honestly how concerned are they really? So many people claim that they are doing lots to help prevent global warming and to save our earth, but who knows it could all be an act? It's sad how so many people out in the world refuse to change their living habits in order to save the world.We have all become so accustomed to driving cars everywhere, throwing out things that we know can be recycled but don't care , taking long showers or baths , the way we do our agriculture , and much more that we it would just be to much effort to change our living style when we have become so used to it.
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3)What strategies can cities and communities take to address climate change?

Some things that communities can do are to have better waste management, manage clean energy systems, and most of all reduce use of greenhouse gases. We should also try to change the way we do our agriculture. Also the way we keep cutting down trees without a second thought should change too. Trees absorb co2 and the more the trees there are on earth the more co2 emissions will get absorbed. So there should be a law that says for every tree you cut down, you should plant one in its place.Greenhouse gases contribute a lot to the fact that global warming is becoming worse. Greenhouse gases keep heat from escaping the earth and are one of the main factors of global warming.So in order to save out planet earth cities, countries , nations should all come together and try to improve out living standards in order to save our earth!

4)What is the role of government in supporting efforts to address climate change?

From what I''ve heard and seen the government is trying in some ways to put a stop to global warming, but they aren't trying enough. A law called the "Clean Air Act " was issued, to stop pollution. It's making many companies change or re-develop their products. Transportation has a big effect of the increase of global warming. Yet, we are not seeing any changes made to reducing Translink and Bus fares. People would take public transportation more then their own vehicles if the prices were lower and adjustable.Also Alberta is the largest producer of coal in Canada, and the site of 70% of Canada's coal reserves. Coal is a dirty fuel source and one that can pollute the air and damage the landscape. The government should really try to work on lowering the produce rate of coal but they refuse to do so, because if they lower down the rate of coal emissions it could have a great toll on the economy of Canada and rite now we just can't afford that. However I don't think the planet can afford the fact that we keep emitting fossil fuels into the atmosphere.

Every day that goes by our chances of saving our earth from the affects of global warming are decreasing.We can't put of the subject of global warming any longer.Sooner or later ,whether it be today or 50 years down the road , we'll need to acknowledge the fact that the way we are living IS affecting our planet and will continue to do so if we keep living the way we are now. So help save our home by doing everything you think will help!