Science Final.

Section 1.1 - This section is basically about the different types of Biomes, the characteristics and distributions of Biomes.
In this situation the oil spill will be abiotic and the biomes will be biotic. The oil spill can harm the environment of the Biomes
by disturbing the function of the Biome. The oil spill has harmed wet lands and these wetlands filter our water and if
our water is contaminated by the oil then it’ll harm the food we eat that needs water to grow. Also it can harm the
habitat of many plants and animals.

Section 1.2 - This sections tells us about what makes up and ecosystem and the interactions that take place within
it. The oil spill can interfere with photosynthesis because when the oil harms the plants then other organisms
wont be able to get light. Then the organisms can start to die out and this can affect the food chain in a dramatic
way because if the food for one organism dies out then it will just cause all the other organisms in the food chain
to die out because there wont be any food to feed on.

Section 2.1 - This section talks about numerous things such as Biomass, The different trophic levels, Food chain, and the food web. So in this case the oil spill can harm us as well because if the oil spill gets on the plants and animal then when other organism goes to eats it, it can get contaminated, So then we wont be able to eat these animals or plants because there contaminated by the oil and that can eventually kill off species in the food chain.

Section 2.2 - This chapter is mainly about the carbon cycle, where its stored and how human activity can effect it. In the carbon cycle photosynthesis releases carbon back into the atmosphere during respiration.Photosynthesis, cellular respiration, decomposition, ocean processes, volcanic eruptions, and forest fires are the 6 ways where it moves between store. The oil spill can affect this by damaging the organisms because it’s not going to be carried out properly. Also then the plants in the ocean wont be able to receive its nutrients through the process of photosynthesis.


Section 2.3 - This chapter is about the effects of Bioaccumulation on Ecosystems. Human activity such
as burning coil can release harmful substances into the environment. Also heavy metal such as lead, cadmium,
and mercury also bioaccumulate and effect organisms in a negative way. So the oil spill can add on to the
other harmful stuff that’s affecting the ecosystem because if this stuff is already harming it then the oil spill
is going to make it worse. But like bioremediation can help change it around by cleaning up chemical pollution.
So if the oil spill pollutes the fish in the water then other organism wont be able to get the food and nutrients from
other places, so then they wont be able to give out nutrients.
Section 3.1 - This section is about how changes occur naturally in Ecosystems. Living organisms change as
much as the aboitic and biotic factors change in their environment. So if the oil spill happened it would change
the environment and habitat which organisms live on, then they have to change there ways based on their surroundings.
The oil spill would change there habitat by polluting everything and if organisms live in that type of environment then
they would also be harmed as well. This will cause secondary succession to begin and that’s basically when a disturbance
to an area has happened in a area that has already had soil and once was a home of an living organism.

Section 3.2 - Humans way of influencing the Ecosystem is basically what this chapter is about. The oil spill can cause
organisms to loose there habitat because how much oil they are covered in. Now they are forced to create a new habitat
for themselves somewhere else, and BP is to blame for all this for distributing the oil.

Section 3.3 - This sections is about how introduced specie affect ecosystems. Some invasive species introduced in this
chapter are Eurasian Milfoil, Norway Rat, American Bullfrog, European Starling. These species basically destruct habitats
and they are known as the most destructive. They can also be chemicals or oils that can me added to Biomes on purpose
to help it or by mistake that ends up destructing it. Some species will find it easier to adapt to the oil filled environment but
others will find it difficult. The oil spill will cause organisms to move locations or act differently because of their environment that has been harmed.


BcScience 10 pages 6 -145

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