Oil Spill Project
There is currently a catastrophic event happening in the Gulf of Mexico and it is effecting many aquatic organisms as well as people along the southern coast of the United States. Through out the Science 10 text book there is many ways to relate the oil spill to ever part of the corriculum from 1.1 - 3.3. I will share with you some of those interesting similarities.

1.1 Biomes

Biome referrs to the largest devision of a biosphere. Biome's contain similar abiotic and biotic species in them. The Biome of the Gulf of Mexico is being greatly effected. The aquatic creature, such as Coral, Sea Turtles and several species of fish are in severe danger. With oil spilling out of the Oil Well at an astounding 5000 barrels a day it's a wonder that we see hope of it clearing. The aquatic species will have a hard time making the acceptable adaptations to survive this event. The oil on the water blocks the sunlight from entering. Therefor Photosynthisis cannot take place on the Ocean floor.
The Early Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

1.2 Ecosystems

In any given Ecosystem the species occupying it are forced to interact. Whether in good ways or in destructive ways. Each species has a niche and when one of those animals or plants is removed it can be potentially fatal to the rest of species. The population of certain animals who rely strongly on other species in it's ecosystem are in danger of becoming endangered. The habitat of some aquatic species rely on plants for shelter. If the plants die due to lack of sunlight the animals will have no place to live.

2.1 Food Chain

Chapter 2.1 discusses the Food Chain and energy flow. In an aquatic ecosystem the main prey is the small fish and the plants. The higher levels of the trophic levels will be effected in the way that the lower level will be. In the case of the Oil Spill the plants and small fish are having a harder time surviving and finding living areas that don't come with danger. With less of the small fish and plants the larger animals are competing more for what little food they can find in the black mess of an ocean.

2.2 Nutrient Cycle

In chapter 2.2 we learned about the Carbon Cycle. The recycling of carbon. The Gulf of Mexico, 85% carbon, is being greatly effected by the oil. The spill is setting the carbon balance in the cycle off. With too much, or too little amounts of Carbon it sets the cycle off and causes the envrionment to be unhealthy for it's abiotic and biotic species to live in it.

2.3 Bioaccumulation

Bioaccumulation, Biomagnification and Bioremediation are all natural processes in which the envrionments nutrients and healthy qualities are kept and restored. Bioaccumulation is the gradual build up of chemials in a body. These chemicals enter an organism through skin, food, nutrients or respiration. The problem we're facing now is the chemical intake on the organisms is too high. With too much in their systems the animals of the Gulf of Mexico could be seriously damaged or may even cause death.

3.1 Natural change

There is two ways for natural change to occur. Primary Succession and Secondary Succession.
Primary occurs where no soil is available. For example, bare rock, glacier or lava.
Secondary Succession occours where there is soil and rich nutrients. It helps the restoration of burnned trees and planting seeds.
This is related to the Oil Spill because once the oil reaches the soil it has lots to work with. It can start to effect terrestrial animals as well as aquatic.

3.2 Human Influence

The Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico is the largest recorded Oil Spill in history. At this rate, the Gulf will never be fully restored to it's natural way. Who caused this? Directly, it was a type of explosion in the plumbing. But if you look at the bigger picture. It was humans. Human's are cause of most things that happen in the world, good and bad. in this case, humans have created something traumatic and life changing.

3.3 Introduced Species

This chapter referrs to the term "Introduced Species" and "Invasive Species". And Intruduced species is any new object, or species that has been placed into an ecosystem and made to work with the pre existing niches. An Invasive Species is the same as Intruduced, only it can cause harm to other animals or plants around it. In the cause of the Oil Spill, the oil is an Invasive Species. It's working against people, aquatic animals and plants.

Bibliography :
Pictures and information about the Gulf of mexico

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